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Alphabetical Listing of Tibet Support Groups

This is a broad listing of groups around the world who directly or indirectly are involved with Tibet. This list is alphabetized by official name of organization. If you can't find the specific organization you are looking for, don't forget there are many listed under "Tibet ..." or "Tibetan ...". There is also a geographic listing of these groups.

If your group is not listed, or the information here is not current, tell us!

Disclaimer - being listed in this directory does not mean that an organization has any particular political agenda regarding Tibet.

With apologies for mixed-language names and general Anglo-centrism:

Aid A L'Enfance Tibetaine

Aide aux Refugies Tibetains

(Alaska) U.S. Tibet Committee - Fairbanks

All-Party Parliamentary Group For Tibet - Italy

Alliance for Research in Tibet

Allied Committee for Tibet, Eastern Turkestan and Inner Mongolia

Alpes Tibet

Altrimondi Tibet

American Himalayan Foundation

Amigos del Tibet - Guatemala

Nos Amis de l'Himalaya

Les Amis du Tibet asbl (Belgium)

Les Amis du Tibet - Luxembourg

Anistia Internacional, sessio Brasil

Appropriate Technology for Tibetans

Arizona Friends of Tibet

Artists for Tibet

Asia Pacific Forum for Tibet

Asie Pacifique

Asociacion Cultural Colombo-Tibetana

Asociacion Cultural Peruano Tibetana

Asociacion Mexico Tibet Pro Derechos Homanos A.C.

Asociacion Salvadorene Amigos del Tibet

Association des Amis du Tibet eu Pologne

Association Bulgaria-Tibet

Association Cognizance Tibet, North Carolina (ACT, NC)

Association Dorje

Association for a Free Tibet

Association Tibet Libre

Associazione Italia-Tibet

Associazione per il Tibet e i Diritti Umani

Associazione Villaggio Terra

Australia Tibet Council

Australian Tibetan Society

Australian Tibetan Association

Basque Parliamentary Supporting Group on Tibet

Bay Area Friends of Tibet

Boston Tibet Network

Briancon05 Urgence Tibet

Brighton Tibet Link

Buddhist Perception of Nature

Bulgarian Tibetan Friendship Society

Buryat Society Friends of Tibet

Caisse d'Aide aux Prisonniers Tibetains

Campaign for Tibet - Finland

Canada Tibet Committee - National Office

Canada Tibet Committee - Edmonton

Canada Tibet Committee - Ottawa

Canada Tibet Committee - Saskatoon

Canada Tibet Committee - Toronto

Canada Tibet Committee - Vancouver

Canada Tibet Committee - Victoria

Canada Tibet Friendship Society

Canada Tibet Venture

Canadian Tibetan Association of Ontario

Capital Area Friends of Tibet (Wash. D.C.)

Cardiff and South Wales Tibet Support Group

La Casa del Tibet - Italy

Casa del Tibet - Spain

Casa Tibet Mexico

Center of Religion and National Culture - Lithuania

Central Coast Friends of Tibet - California

Centre for Tibetan and Central Asian Studies - Bulgaria

Chaksam-pa, Tibetan Dance and Opera Company

Chagpori France

Charleston Tibetan Society

Chenrezig Fund

China Tibet Initiative

Circle of Friends for Tibet (Philippines)

Collectif Bretagne - Tibet (Brittany - Tibet)

Colorado Friends of Tibet

Comite de Apoyo del Tibet (CAT)- Madrid and Ibiza, Spain

Comite Brasileiro DE Apoio Ao Tibet

Comite de Dauvegarde du Peuple Tibetain et de sa Culture

Comite de Derechos Humanos - Casa Tibet Guadalajara

Comite de Derechos Humanos - Casa Tibet Mexico

Comité de Soutien au Peuple Tibetain - France

C.S.P.T. Midi-Pyrenees Rencontres Tibetaines

Comite de Soutien au Peuple Tibetain Bretagne

Comite de Soutien au Peuple Tibetain de l'Herault

Comité de Soutien au Peuple Tibetain - Suisse

Committee of 100 for Tibet

Conservancy for Tibetan Art and Culture

The Core Group for Tibetan Cause (India)

Costa Rican Tibetan Cultural Association

Cultural Survival-Tibet Project

Danish Tibetan Cultural Society

Deer Park Buddhist Center - Wisconsin

Den Norske Tibet-Komite

Deutsche Tibethilfe e.V.

Dhargyey Buddhist Centre, New Zealand

Dhokham Chushi Gungduk, New York

Dorjee Jigje Centre - Brazil

Dudjom International Foundation

Eco-Tibet France

Eco-Tibet Ireland

Edinburgh University Tibet Society

Endless Knot

Entwicklungshilfe-Tibet e.V. (EHT-Germany e.V.)

Estonian-Tibetan Cultural Society

Ewam Centre, Florence, Italy

Finnish Tibetan Culture

Foundation Dharmaling

The Foundation for the Preservation of Tibetan Medicine

Foundation for Universal Responsibility of His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Four Directions U.K.


France-Tibet North of France

Free Tibet Campaign (formerly Tibet Support Group - UK)

Free Tibet Klub Gaja - Poland

Freedom in Tibet Association

Friends for Tibet and Tibetans - Delhi

Friends of Tibet - Czech Republic

Friends of Tibet - Hong Kong

Friends of Tibet India (Bombay)

Friends of Tibet - Norway

Friends of Tibet - Nepal

Friends of Tibet New Zealand

Friends of Tibet - Slovakia

Friends of Tibet - Spain

Friends of Tibet - Pakistan

Friends of Tibet - Tuva, Russia

Friends of Tibet - U.K.

Friends of Tibet - U.S.A.

Friends of Tibet - Uruguay

Friends of Tibetan Settlements in India (FOTSI)

Friends of Tibetan Women's Association - U.S.A.

Fundacion Pro Tibet - Buenos Aires

Gaden Relief Projects

The Gate of Dharma Buddhist College, Budapest

Gesellshaft für Bedrohte Volker (Feldkirch)

Gesellshaft für Bedrohte Volker - Tibetkoordination (Wien)

Gesellschaft Save Tibet

Gesellschaft Schweizerisch-Tibetische Freundschaft

German Tibetisches Zentrum

Glasgow Friends of Tibet

Groupe Non-Violent

Grupo de Apoyo a Tibet - Chile

Grupo Mexico-Tibet

Gu Chu Sum Movement of Tibet - Former Political Prisoners Association

Gyuto Wheel of Dharma Monastery

Help Tibet

Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights

Himalayan Committee for Action on Tibet

Himalayan Medical Foundation

Hungarian Tibet Support Association

Huntsville Friends of Tibet

Iceland contact

India Friends of Tibet

India Tibet Friendship Society

Indian Women for Free Tibet

Independent Tibet Network (formerly Campaign Free Tibet)

Indo Tibetan Friendship Society - Mysore Chapter

Institute for Asian Democracy

International Campaign for Tibet

International Campaign for Tibet - Europe

International Committee of Lawyers for Tibet

International Fund For The Development of Tibet

International Institute for Self Determination

International Tibet Independence Movement

Israeli Friends of the Tibetan People

J.H. Moon Yoga Research Center (Tibet Cultural Center, Korea)

Japan Committee for Tibet

Tíbet Patria Libre

Kalmyic Friends of Tibet

Kansas City Friends of Tibet


Kauai Friends of Tibet

Kentucky Friends of Tibet

Kham Aid Foundation

Kokua Tibet Ohana (Hawaii)

Lindsay Tibetan Welfare Community

La Porte du Tibet

Lions des Neiges (TSG Lyon, France)

Lions des Neiges Mont-Blanc

Los Angeles Friends of Tibet

Los Angeles Tibetan Community


Lungta - Switzerland

Lungta - Czech Republic

Macedonia Friends of Tibet

Maine Friends of Tibet

Maison des Himalayas

Maison du Tibet - Tibet Info

May All Beings Be Happy

Meridian Trust

Milarepa Fund

The Milarepa Fund - Japan

Monadnock Friends of Tibet

The Monastery Project

Montagne du Bonheur

Malé Občanské Sdružení Tolerance (M.O.S.T.) - Ostrava "Charitable Society of Tolerance"

Northwest Tibetan Cultural Association

Objectif Tibet

Office of Tibet, London

Office of Tibet, New York

Office of Tibet, Australia/Tibet Information Office

Olympic Watch

Orange County Friends of Tibet

Oregon-Washington Tibetan Community

Pasadena Friends of Tibet

Passeport Tibetain

Peruvian Tibetan Coalition

Pittsburgh Friends of Tibet

Potala, o.s., Czech Republic

Project Tibet

Quiet Mountain

Rangzen Alliance

Recontres Tibetaines

Relief Alliance

Reseau International des Femmes pour le Tibet

Rina & Franco Bellaterra Association (AREF)

The Roof of the World Foundation (Yayasan Atap Dunia)

Russia Friends of Tibet

Sacharuna Foundation

San Diego Friends of Tibet

Santa Barbara Friends of Tibet

Schwetzinger Tibethilfe e.V.

Shan Phen Ling

Sierra Friends of Tibet

Slovak Tibetan Society

Society Friends of Tibet, Moscow

Solidarite Tibet

Solutions in Action

SOS Tibet - Brazil

South African Friends of Tibet

Southern California Tibetan Association

Soutien a la Culture et a l'Art Tibetains

St. Louis Friends of Tibet

St. Petersburg Friends of Tibet Society

Stanford Friends of Tibet

Stream Of Free Tibet (SOFT) - Korea

Students for a Free Tibet

Students for a Free Tibet Poland

Surmang Foundation

Swedish Tibet Committee

Swedish Tibet Projects

Swedish Tibetan Society for School and Culture

Syamatara Österreich Tibethilfe

Taiwan Friends of Tibet

The Tara Cafe Project

Tashi Lhunpo Monastery

Thai-Tibet Centre

Tibet 59 / 62

Tibet Aid

Tibet Alliance of Chicago

Tibet Association in Sweden

Tibet Association of Southern California

Tibet Association of Northern California

Tibet & Buddhist Studies Society

Tibet Bureau - Geneva

Tibet Cesky

Tibet Charity - Denmark

Tibet Committee of Fairbanks

Tibet Culture Centre - Nepal

Tibet Culture Centre INL - Japan

Tibet Democratie

Tibet Education Network

Tibet Empowerment Circle (Dharamsala)

Tibet Environmental Watch

Tibet Forum

Tibet Foundation

Tibet Fund

Tibet House Cultural Center - NY

Tibet House - UK

Tibet House/Pestalozzi Children's Village

Tibet Independiente

Tibet Initiative Deutschland (TID) e.V.

Tibet Initiative Basel

TID Regional Chapter Bremen

Tibet Initiative Kempten e.V. (TIK)

Tibet Initiative München e.V. (TIM)

Tibet Lion Des Neiges - Strasbourg

Tibet Society - Indiana

Tibet Society of the U.K.

Tibet Society of South Africa

Tibet Studies Center - Thailand

Tibet Support Association - Hungary

Tibet Support Committee, Denmark

Tibet Support Group - Albania

Tibet Support Group - Australia

Tibet Support Group - Bordeaux

Tibet Support Group - Finland

Tibet Support Group - Hungary

Tibet Support Group - Ireland

Tibet Support Group - Johannesburg

Tibet Support Group - Krasnodar Region, Russia

Tibet Support Group - Liechtenstein

Tibet Support Group - Lithuania - Fund Tibet

Tibet Support Group - Netherlands

Tibet Support Group - Sochi Region, Russia

Tibet Support Group - South Africa

Tibet Support Group - Switzerland

Tibet Support Group - UK (now Free Tibet Campaign)

Tibet Trust/Tibet Action - N. Ireland

Tibet's Friends (Korea)

Tibet-Himalayas Society, St.Petersburg University

Tibetan Aid Foundation

Tibetan Aid Project

Tibetan American Foundation of Minnesota

Tibetan American Resource Alliance

Tibetan Association of Amherst

Tibetan Association of Connecticut

Tibetan Association of Santa Fe

Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD)

Tibetan Children's Education Foundation

Tibetan Children Relief Society of New Zealand

Tibetan Children's Village

Tibetan Community - Alberta, Canada

Tibetan Community of Australia (Victoria)

Tibetan Community - Austria

Tibetan Community - Britain

Tibetan Community - Denmark

Tibetan Community - France

Tibetan Community - Ireland

Tibetan Community - Norway

Tibetan Community - Sweden

Tibetan Community - Switzerland

Tibetan Cultural Association - Quebec

Tibetan Cultural Center - California

Tibetan Cultural Center - Indiana

Tibetan Culture Foundation - Lithuania

Tibetan Cultural Institute - New York

Tibetan Cultural Society of California

Tibetan Cultural Study Center - Maine

Tibetan Development Fund

Tibetan Education Action

Tibetan Folklore Association

Tibetan Friends of Brazil

Tibetan Friendship Group Australia

Tibetan Health & Education Fund

  • Tibetan Help

    Tibetan Liberation Theatre Tibetan Nomads

    Tibetan Nuns Project

    Tibetan Nyingma Relief Foundation

    Tibetan Parliamentary and Policy Research Centre (TPPRC) Delhi

    Tibetan Refugee Educational Effort

    Tibetan Refugee Health Care Project

    Tibetan Rights Action Coalition

    Tibetan Rights Campaign

    Tibetan Snowlion Friendship Society

    Tibetan Sponsorship Project

    Tibetan Women's Association

    Tibetan Woman Organization - Switzerland

    Tibetan Youth Association of Alberta

    Tibetan Youth Association in Europe

    Tibetan Youth Association - U.S.A.

    Tibetan Youth Congress

    Tibetan Youth Congress of NY/NJ

    Tibetan Youth Congress-Toronto

    Tibetfreunde Switzerland

    Tibetfriends, Christiania

    Tibetischer Förderkreis e.V.

    Tibetisches Zentrum



    Toward a Free Tibet

    Trans Himalayan Aid Society

    Transnational Radical Party

    TSG Free Tibet And You

    TSOWA-Maintenir la Vie

    Tsurphu Foundation

    Union of Indo Tibet Friends

    Urgence Tibet

    U.S. Tibet Committee

    U.S. Tibet Committee - Philadelphia

    U.S. Tibetan Society for School and Culture

    Utah Friends of Tibet

    Vajrayana Foundation

    Verein Freunde Tibets - Austria

    Verein der Tibeter in Deutschland

    Voice of Tibet - Norway

    Voice of Tibet - Australia

    West Virginia Friends of Tibet

    World Tibet Day Foundation

    Western Colorado Friends of Tibet

    Wisconsin Tibetan Association

    Yeshe Norbu Appello per il Tibet

    Yaks For Life USA

    Zida Cels (Latvia)

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