About Tibet 3rd Pole

Tibet Third Pole (T3P) is an initiative of members of International Tibet Support Network, Tibet Justice Center, Tibetan Women’s Association, Free Tibet Denmark, Students for a Free Tibet, Gu Chu Sum Movement for Tibet, Norwegian Tibet Committee, Tibet Support Committee, Denmark and Free Tibet.

Tibet Third Pole was formed to show the world how climate change is threatening Tibet’s ecosystems which are necessary to life in Tibet and Asia. Also, to show the world how China’s half-century of failed policies in Tibet continue to exacerbate this human rights crisis. Tibet Third Pole began as an international working group of Tibetans and Tibet supporters’ which aimed to bring light to issues during COP 15 including climate change in Tibet and China’s coercive resettlement of nomads in Tibet. T3P advocate for the fundamental human right of Tibetans to environmental self-determination in their homeland as they seek to adapt to climate change.

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